2nd place winner for the U.W. Stout Siggraph 48 hour film festival.

48 Hours is the story of three individuals and their brain-storming process for the competition.

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The life and time of Ben Walsh. Ben is a college student with a "problem"

Kleptomaniac - Starring - Daniel Thiede

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Sideways Home

Sideways Home is the story of a woman with a simple task, in a not so simple world.

Sideways Home - Starring - Kiara Carlson

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Earth Mother

Promotional video for Midwife Erin Kaspar-Frett.

Earth Mother is here to help answer questions expecting mothers may have regarding home birthing.

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Loves Me Not

Loves Me Not is a countdown animation of lost love.

Loves Me Not was created for Digital Narrative.
Music by - The New Audrey

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